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A Toast to You and Your Event From the Owners, Michael and Gaetano

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“Providing the Finest in Mobile DJ & Karaoke Entertainment within NY, NJ and Northeastern PA”

Benefits of DJ Entertainment for your Wedding,
and why you should choose us over a Band.

 Quality of the Music:

When you choose a DJ, you are getting all of the best hits from today, yesterday and yesteryear in their original formats. DJs play selections by the original artists, direct from CD, tape or record, so you always get what you expect.

When you choose a band, you get a rendition of the song, usually not as good as the original. Sometimes your guests won't easily recognize the tune, or may be turned off to it if they don't hear that familiar voice. In addition, the band must regularly practice a song in order to present it to the crowd. Not so with DJ Entertainment.

Variety of Selections

When you choose a DJ, you have access to a multitude of songs from varying genres. You get quality music every time and have a better chance of satisfying guest requests. Everyone can enjoy in the fun and hear what they like, from hits of the past to current radio superstars.

When you choose a band, you limit yourself to the talents of a few people. They often have a small repertoir to play from, maybe a hundred songs if you're lucky. They can not provide songs they haven't practiced enough or don't know at all. This means your guests will probably not have much of a chance to hear specific requests. If the band members are from an older generation, chances are they won't have practiced the most current popular songs.

Fulfilling Requests

When you choose a DJ, you get the best possible results for requests. He or she can accommodate most requests at any time, whether pre-event or on-demand during the event. There is no need for him/her to have practiced the songs beforehand. They usually keep up on the current popular songs, as well as a variety of older hits.

When you choose a band, flexibility goes out the window. Often, you need to provide the band with all requests prior to the event. This is necessary so that they may practice the songs. Most times, a band will not be willing to perform requests made at the event at all. Even if they do accept certain requests, they are very limited to those which have been practiced thoroughly in the past. A band may be familiar with a certain requested song, but if they don't know how to play it, your guests won't get it.

Mobility During the Event

When you choose a DJ, you get quality music and MC skills. DJs often use wireless microphones and can provide on-the-spot MC commenting for those important times during the event, like when it comes to cutting the cake. The DJ can be right there in the audience with everyone else. What's more, music volume level can be checked frequently and easily by walking out into the audience to perform spot-checks.

A band does not come out into the audience much, if at all. They can't make spot-checks for volume level while the music is playing because they are physically playing the music.

Continuity of Music

When you choose a DJ, the music doesn't ever have to stop. A quality DJ will keep the music flowing at all times, and most often can blend one song into the next. Dead air is not likely, and your guests will be able to dance without interruption.

When you choose a band, they will take breaks throughout the night, often for fifteen minutes every hour. Furthermore, they can't blend the next song into the end of a current song. They have to pause after every song to decide what they will play next and to rest. This breaks up the continuity and can lead to guests losing that dancing mood. Often, long fifteen minute breaks can give guests a reason to leave the party early, thereby increasing the potential for missing special parts of the event. Dead air is all too common.

Cost of Entertainment

When you choose a DJ, you get the best quality entertainment, constant music, great MC skills, on-the-spot in-audience volume checks and MC commenting, a large selection of tunes and great flexibility for on-demand requests at the most reasonable prices. Often, you will be entertained by 1-2 professional DJs. Sometimes, upon request, there may be a professional singer available. In this instance, there are few people to share in the profits, so you often won't be charged excessively. You get a good rate.

When you choose a band, you get renditions of songs that can be hard to recognize, breaks in music flow, lack of on-the-spot in-audience participation, a small repertoir of selections and inflexibility for on-demand requests at often very high rates. There are typically 5 or more band members to split the profits. Each will expect to be paid heavily for their contributions, thereby creating the need for high costs, easily double or triple that of a DJ.

 With all of this knowledge in mind, it's easy to see the many benefits of DJ Entertainment over a Band. Musical Bliss Entertainment can provide you with all you need to make your special day an enjoyable, memorable event. We hope you will seriously consider using our services for your special day!

 What Makes Musical Bliss Entertainment So Special?
Why Us Over Another DJ Entertainment Company?

When you choose Musical Bliss Entertainment for your event, you get personalized attention throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. It doesn't matter if you are hosting a barbeque, a sweet sixteen, or that all-important once-in-a-lifetime wedding event. No matter how big or small your party, or how much you pay, you will get the same quality attentiveness as the next person.

Musical Bliss Entertainment is not a huge Entertainment Company that you will get lost in. We do not hire inexperienced, inexpensive DJs to serve our accounts. We only take on one event per day, so you are getting the best possible service. This is not a company that will lose sight of your needs.

From day one, you will get personal service from the proprietor himself. Michael Sidaras will be with you every step of the way to ensure quality service you can depend on. With other companies, you may not ever meet the owner. If you do, you'll probably never see or hear from that person after the initial consultation. Michael will be actively involved in your event and readily available to serve you at any time.

We don't hand out assignments to DJs on the day of your event. You will meet the DJ during the initial consultation, or shortly thereafter. In most cases, Michael will be personally serving you at the event. From time to time, he may not be able to be at the event, but you are guaranteed the same quality of excellence from whomever will serve your event as if it were Michael himself.

Furthermore, you will be introduced to an alternate person who will cover the event in case your assigned DJ should become ill and thereby unavailable to serve you on the day of the event. If you require a professional singer, we will provide you with samples of the person's vocal talent. We will also schedule a time for you to meet the singer in person. Again, an alternate singer will be introduced during the initial consultation or shortly thereafter, in case your scheduled singer becomes ill.

With personal attention like this, and the comforting knowledge that you are getting services from a small company who cares about you, it's easy to see why Musical Bliss Entertainment should be your choice. That's why we can say we provide the finest in Karaoke and DJ Events throughout the NY Metro Area (NY, NJ, PA).



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When it comes to your wedding day, it's important to make the
right decision in entertainment.

Please read our comparison list of DJ Services versus Live Bands. If you still like the idea of live entertainment, get the best of both the DJ and Band world by booking us for your wedding with our add-on pianists and live professional singers

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We are confident you will be happier with our services than just a band itself.


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